In this tutorial video – I am going to show you on how to integrate your TpLink Tapo C200 camera with Scrypted. And By the end of this video, you’ll be able to control and monitor your camera FLAWLESSLY with HomeKit Secure Video as well as get 2 way audio.

So In my last video, we did integrate this same security camera using one of the 2 Homebridge Plugins all by enabling the Auto Pan & Tilt functionality as well as HomeKit Secure Video. And if you are an Homebridge user – I have left a link to that video.  Anyways before we go knee deep into the video – I just wanted to let you’ll that There is a new site strictly for Scrypted Documentation that has been published. 

This site includes an updated Camera configurations, Plugins & Platforms, Scrypted NVR service  and a brand new, much requested, Buyers Guide.  There’s also a detailed camera onboarding process, that the developer encourages everyone to double check to dial in system performance and get the best out of the open source system. 

And If you didn’t know – Scrypted is a high performance security camera home video integration and automation platform. And I have done videos installing this awesome software alongside a raspberry pi running Hombridge, A Synology NAS and also a Mac computer. 

With Scrypted –  Cameras Snapshots & streams are fast, Rock solid reliability and most importantly bring HomeKit Secure Video support to cameras that don’t natively support the feature. 

Do let me know in the comments section on how your experience has been with scrypted.  

Anyways The camera integration into Scrypted is relatively straightforward which uses just auto discovery, 

And the beauty is that you will then enjoy the added convenience and control of having your Tplink Tapo cameras integrated Right into your Apple home app supporting HomeKit secure video as well as Two Way Audio which by the way you dont get with the Homebridge plugins

So, For all of this to work. This is what we will need – 

  1. Tplink Tapo camera. We will be using the C200
  2. And to enable the integration with Homekit – we will be using Scrypted running on a raspberry Pi plus I also have left links in the description to install Scrypted on multiple hardware platforms.

So With out any further delay – let’s dive in right into this tutorial. 

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Opening
00:33 Homebridge Tplink Plugin
00:51 Scrypted New WebSite
01:27 Scrypted Overview
02:07 Scrypted Tplink Tapo Plugin
02:36 What You Will Need ?
03:04 Tplink Tapo C200 RTSP
04:03 Tplink Tapo C200 Auto Motion Detection
04:50 Scrypted Tapo Plugin Config
07:39 Tplink Tapo Apple Home Setup
08:43 Tplink Tapo HomeKit Secure Video
09:25 Closing

➡️ Scrypted Documentation –
➡️ homebridge Integration –
➡️ Pan Tilt Script –


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🖥️ Scrypted Installation Links 🖥️
✔️ Install Scrypted With Homebridge –
✔️ Install Scrypted Addon With Home Assistant –
✔️ Install Scrypted in a Synology NAS DSM 7 –
✔️ Install Scrypted in macOS –
✔️ Install Scrypted in a Pi –

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