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BASH "Build A Smart Home"

Build a Smart Home (BASH) was launched in 2020 by Eddie Dsouza, an expert in Smart Homes and home network solutions. BASH has served clients around the world by consulting on innovative smart home technology.

Expert Guidance for Home Automation Solutions

Smart HomeTechnology advisor

We are your trusted smart home technology advisor for smart home, audio video, security and network design solutions. An experienced smart home advisor that has successfully delivered customized technology solutions to both residential and commercial clients to fit their budget and needs every time

Consultation & Tech Support

From state-of-the-art custom smart homes to grade A commercial buildings, BASH provides our customers with today's latest technology solutions that connect and enhance their smart homes

Project Management

With a strong foundation in both technology and management, I do bring a unique blend of technical expertise and leadership skills to every project I undertake.

How do we Work

My team of Residential and Commercial smart home technology work force specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both homeowners and businesses as well as use an established smart home supply chain that is able to produce and deliver to any country.

Wealth of Experience

Count on our wealth of experience to deliver exceptional results whether its a Home that needs to work with Google, Apple or Amazon. A smart home advisor can help you in creating a fully customized and intelligent living space that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies, enhancing your comfort

Problem Solving Capablities

BASH -Critical thinking, analytical , creativity, and a systematic approach to find viable solutions to problems. After completion of a project our participation doesn’t end. We are always available to service, update and maintain the system remotely using approved collaborative tools. 

Smart Home Projects & Footprints

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Locations Dubai / USA / Brazil / Australia / South East Asia / Europe                                                        

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Online Remote Sessions and Setups executed for home automation                                                        

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Security installs, Home Entertainment ,Sustainablity gadgets, Networking and voice activation command

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Get a one to one mentorship program for starters in the smart home industry                                

Smart Home Automation and Installation shouldn't be complicated for your Home

Many home owners still do not understand a connected device value proposition, above all early adopters face significant pain points that have yet to be addressed. 

Woman with tablet control a smart home temperature and lighiting
Is there a possibility to have a Connected Smart Home? Are they Worth It?

A truly exceptional Connected Smart Home brings together simplicity, convenience, security & affordability with awe-inspiring Smart Home System integration. Most importanly with the help of our Smart Home Services – we ensure your Smart home investment is worth every penny.

Does a Smart Home Save Money & Add Value to my property?

The short answer is yes. Firstly smart homes shouldn't be Complicated. Secondly with the right integrations of Smart Home Devices and services, it does save money and bring value to my property

Helping you create a Smart Home Ecosystem

Level 1 - Get Started​

​We make building a smart home much easier. Together with us – We will get it right the first time.


Level 2 - Action Time

​​​It's time to Build your Smart Home with Us. One-stop shop from Procurement to Programming


Level 3 - Continuity

​Dont Worry ! We will be your backbone and provide that great Smart Home support system.

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Testimonials from Smart Home Owners

The only place to go for any smart home solutions

December 1, 2023

Eddie is the absolute best in the business. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient. It doesn’t matter if you are building a complete smarthome or just starting with a couple of switches, Eddie will take the time to help you anyway he can. He can design a system that works with your wants, needs and budget. And it will be ready for the future technology. Eddie is really the only choice.


Truly fantastic support from Eddie !!!

June 18, 2024

Not only are Eddie’s videos incredibly clear and spot on but he also is very supportive. I met a few thorny technical issues and he jumped in immediately to help. He was really precise and patient and resolved them in no time. Truly unique experience. Very knowledgable and totally reliable.

If you want to set up or improve your smarthome, Eddie and all his wonderful videos are definitely the place to go.


Eddie is the champ for smart home hardware/software/platform selections AND debugging issues!

April 28, 2024

For many years I have been using Eddie’s video tutorials to assist me in choosing and configuring my smart home technology. Once my needs got more complex, I reached out to Eddie directly and he helped me make the best choices for future proofing my smart home both in terms of hardware and automation platforms. Since then he has assisted me in debugging my system when I hit a wall. Not only is Eddie tremendously resourceful and knowledgeable, he is also a super nice guy! I have always been a big fan, and continue to be a fan of Eddie!


Eddie is the best!

February 14, 2024

Eddie has been paramount in my smart home helping with advice and troubleshooting. Eddie is consistent and understanding of my needs. Eddie should be trusted for all your smart home needs.


HomeKit Made Easy: Eddie's Expertise Shines for Effortless Integration!

December 9, 2023

Working with Eddie to integrate my non-native devices into HomeKit using Homebridge was an absolute game-changer! His in-depth knowledge and clear communication made the process a breeze. I highly recommend his services!


Smart Home Projects Work Completed

As a smart home consultant, I have worked on a variety of projects that involve the design, installation, and integration of smart home technology in residential and commercial spaces. Some examples of past projects include:

Whole-home automation for a luxury villa: This project involved the installation of smart home technology throughout a large, multi-level villa in Dubai. The technology included a central hub for controlling lighting, heating, and cooling, as well as security cameras and home automation systems.

Smart lighting and shading for a high-end apartment: This project involved the installation of smart lighting systems and motorized window shades in a luxury apartment. The systems were integrated with a mobile app for remote control and scheduling.

Voice control for a smart home office: This project involved the integration of voice control technology in a home office. The technology included a voice-controlled assistant for controlling lighting, heating, and other functions, as well as a smart speaker for playing music and making phone calls.

Home theater automation for a media room: This project involved the installation of smart home technology in a media room, including a centralized control system for managing lighting, audio, and video, as well as motorized shades and a smart thermostat.

Smart security for a vacation home: This project involved the installation of smart security systems in a vacation home, including motion sensors, cameras, and door locks that could be controlled remotely.

All project was done keeping in mind the budget and specific requirement of the client, providing them with the best solution and after-sales service. Regenerate response

Client work- Build a Smart Home
Client work- Build a Smart Home
Client work- Build a Smart Home

Creating a Customized Smart Home with IoT devices and Technology

We offer a variety of smart home solutions, devices, and networks
to fit your needs and budget.

Customized Smart Home Ecosystem Installation and Support

"Get expert advice on the latest smart home technology 
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