We specialize in transforming ordinary homes, villas, offices, and restaurants into smart, responsive, and efficient spaces of the future.

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Smart Home Solutions for your Dream Home

Our Services to Build your Smart Home



Before any project is started, its important to determine what solutions best fits your needs. We remove the guesswork and mitigate problems before they happen.



We design a Smart Home Package that fits your needs is important. We can help achieve your vision through proper planning and implementation. Get it right the first time.



We plan your smart home system from the ground up including network, hardware, implementation, setup and maintenance. ​



Build your own smart home using your own labor or DIY. We guide you through every step of the process from prints to production​

Build a Smart Home Services

Technolgy is vital for any smart home

Smart technologies are increasingly being used in homes for several reasons. Be it a single device or using entire network for luxury homes, consumers use its many features and capabilities to protect homes, property and loved ones.


Safety / Security

An essential component for any Home to receive alerts, deter any intruders and keep the Family safe


Remote Support

This can make it possible for caregivers, family, or friends to communicate with you and support you when they aren’t nearby



Control elements of your home environment with your voice, phone, and with automations



By incorporating smart technology into lighting products. You can control them based on their brightness / Color, Location & Automations



TV shows, movies, podcasts, music, radio all of these may be accessible to you with the right smart home technology



Connectivity of all your smart devices is crucial for any Smart Home. At the same time, securing your network is crucial.

Discover the countless ways we can improve your everyday life with our smart home services

Smart Home Customized Preferences & Settings

With our Services Start Building your
Smart Home

A truly exceptional Smart Home Experience, thats brings together simplicity, convenience, security & affordability with awe-inspiring Smart Home System integration. With the help of our Smart Home Services – we ensure your home is truly Smart.

Smart Devices

Procurement Services

Don’t waste your precious time and money buying things that you may not need. We will guide you to get the best deals.

Coding for smart home automation

Programming Services

Many of today’s systems require a lot of attention to talk to other devices. We bring them all together effortlessly.

Smart home led light control

Installation Services

We offer installation services in collaboration with certified electricians which are up to code with your local laws.

Homebridge Set up Icon

Remote Homebridge Installations

We offer installation services in collaboration with certified electricians which are up to code with your local laws.

Wire sealing for Smart Home Automation

Integration Services

Assembling any system is always more than a sum of its parts. Our integration services make sure that solution works together.

Eddie Dousza Smart Home Consultant

Consultancy Services

B2B and B2C. This can be done completely remotely. At the moment we manage several houses and companies and make sure that they work perfectly smart.

At BASH, We Value the Energy Efficiency of Smart Homes

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