If you are already using Synology Surveillance Station for home security then lets make it work with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video all by using Scrypted.

Well If you didn’t know your Synology NAS does come with its own camera monitoring system known as the surveillance station and it comes pre-installed with 2 Camera licenses. 

And in the past I have shown you on how to Expose your Synology Surveillance Station as sensors in Apple HomeKit all by using a Homebridge Plugin. 

Now with scrypted there is a dedicated plugin to expose the Surveillance Station cameras, Enable Homekit Secure Video plus also use  Surveillance Stations motion events algorithm to tell HomeKit Secure video to record all by using a web hook. and I’ll show you’ll on how to do it. 

And once completed, Within the apple home app – you can access events recorded over the last 10 days for free which doesn’t go against your iCloud storage plus saves you the hassle of accessing a web page and digging thru recorded footage.  Two – You also minimize network traffic by sending everything to Surveillance Station first, then rebroadcast to Scrypted

So for all of this to work. You will definitely need a Synology NAS with Surveillance station installed with a camera integrated. 

And to enable the integration with Homekit – we will be using Scrypted plus I also have videos on how to install the software by using Docker and dont worry I have left links in the description. 

So let’s now waste anymore time and let’s jump into this tutorial. 

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Opening
01:42 What you will need ?
02:09 How to add Camera to Surveillance Station
03:25 Scrypted plugins to Install
04:07 Scrypted plugins configuration
04:56 Surveillance Station Webhook config
05:55 HomeKit Secure Video Config
06:28 Add Camera to Apple Home
07:20 Closing

➡️ Scrypted Home Page https://www.scrypted.app
➡️ Scrypted Linux Install https://github.com/koush/scrypted/wiki/Installation:-Linux
➡️ Camera Buyer’s Guide https://github.com/koush/scrypted/wiki/Camera-Buyer’s-Guide
➡️ Camera Support Report Card https://github.com/koush/scrypted/wiki/Camera-Support-Report-Card


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🖥️ Scrypted Installation Links 🖥️
✔️ Install Scrypted With Homebridge – https://youtu.be/WAUgmiIB0Hk
✔️ Install Scrypted in a Synology NAS DSM 7 – https://youtu.be/vFNTVjm1QHs
✔️ Install Scrypted in macOS – https://youtu.be/r_5c3xEQCRk
✔️ Install Scrypted in a Pi – https://youtu.be/DE30dt-t-bs

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