So finally I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 5 and If you’re an Apple HomeKit enthusiast like me, you’re going to love this. Cause We’re going to build a powerful smart home hub & take your HomeKit experience to the next level with the 7 wonders of building a DIY Smart Home. Last but the least, Towards the end of the video I also have a surprise App Install that will push your Smart Home Journey to the NEXT LEVEL !

Now the last time I did a build a Smart home hub video for Apple HomeKit  was way back in July 2022. And since the release of the that video – 2 Major things happened – 

  • Raspberry Pi had released a new Single Board Computer called the Pi 5. Which is a tiny computer that you can still hold in your hand, Super Powerful & packs a big punch! 
  • The Second Major thing was that the Pi OS moved away from 32 bit to 64 bit operating system which meant applications also needed to support it and Due to which there were failures with some app installs. 

So it was high time to update that video as well as do a couple of things differently where The first change is building the entire smart home hub on Raspberry Pi OS Lite rather than pre flashing it with Homebridge. This helps in having a stable setup. The second change is install all of the apps using docker containers which allows you to add or remove any apps when needed.

The third change is that the system would always support 64 Bit Apps. Last but the least, The Fourth most important change is that towards the end of the video I also have a surprise App Install which will give you all the 7 wonders of building a DIY Smart Home.

Now what do you get with this smart home build – 

  • A Locally Controlled  Small Form Factor Hub W/ Hardware specs that will last for at least 5 years or More 
  • Allows to add devices that Apple Doesn’t officially support 
  • Multi Network Protocol that allows you to add devices from a large portfolio 
  • Dedicated HomeKit Secure Video Platform 
  • Easy Management & Auto Update of Applications 
  • Plus comes With an Easy Shortcuts App to access all of them

 And most importantly – Remember the Surprise App Install – I will show you how this same Hardware can unlock a lot more possibilities for your smart home and also keeps you within Budget

So to piece this Hub together – 

  • We will be using Raspberry Pi 5 with 8 GB Ram and the official power brick. You can still use a Pi 4 with 4GB ram as well
  • Class 10 64GB micro SD card which is a minimum 
  • Then To enable Zigbee support – we will be using a Sonoff Zigbee Dongle – you can also use a Conbee 2 Stick
  • A USB Cable extension to avoid any radio interference with the Zigbee dongle. 

Now – I have broken down the video into 8 parts with their time stamps in the description and somewhere towards the end, there’s the  7th Wonder App that we will Install to push your DIY Smart Home to the next level. 

This is definitely going to be an interesting build. So let’s Begin the Tutorial.

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Opening
00:31 – Raspberry Pi Changes
01:11 – DIY Smart Home Hub Changes
01:46 – DIY Smart Home Hub Benefits
02:29 – What you’ll need
03:57 – How to Flash Pi OS Lite
05:42 – Locate Pi On Network
06:54 – Use Terminal to Access Pi
07:36 – Execute Magic Script
10:54 – Portainer Configuration
11:45 – Test MQTT Service
12:15 – Zigbee2MQTT Configuration
14:40 – Scrypted Configuration
15:39 – Homebridge Configuration
17:30 – Heimdall Configuration
21:48 – Closing

🗒️ Script
Smart Home Hub –
Home Assistant =

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