This video will show you to install Adguard or PiHole which are literally free to use and easy to configure adblockers on your local area network. And with the official Homebridge Image for a Raspberry Pi these 2 Awesome ADBLOCKER softwares are already included in the operating system.

So lets get straight to the meat of the video and talk about Adblockers ?

Now if you didn’t know – it is a software tool designed to block or filter out online ads from being displayed on websites. It essentially helps users to identify, eliminate & reduce unwanted ads or other online elements while browsing the internet. And On My Local Network – I have been actively Using an adblocker for my family which has several benefits like:Β 

  1. Protecting children from inappropriate content.
  2. Minimizing exposure to misleading or harmful ads.
  3. Enhancing online privacy and block certain services

And if you are using the official Homebridge Image thats runing on a raspberry pi – you can literally enable and install one of the two popular Ad Blocker softwares which are Adguard & PiHole on your local network and its free

In this video – I will show you on how to install Adguard & PiHole, quickly run thru setup, configure your router to use the ad blocker and then from there I will show you on how to configure the homebridge plugins as well.Β 

Now, there are lots of YouTube videos to help you decide to choose between Adguard & PiHole. I personally use AdGuard for its clean interface, service blocking capabilities and it seems to be a lot more family friendly. Either ways based on your decision – this video will cover both installs and in the description I have left time stamps to all the video chapters.Β 

So, For all this to work – you will need to be using the official homebridge image installed and running on a Raspberry Pi. For any other Hardware platform – you will need to install these as stand alone softwares.Β 

This is going to be an extensive video and let’s jump straight right thru it.Β 

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00:00 Intro
00:26 What are Adblockers ?
01:13 Homebridge Adblocker Extra Packages
01:50 Which Adblocker I Use
02:15 What You Will Need ?
02:38 How to reserve an IP Address
03:37 Install Adguard on a Pi
05:18 Enable Adguard Service
05:49 Configure Adguard Plugin
06:39 Install PiHole on a Pi
09:34 Enable PiHole Service
10:10 Configure PiHole Plugin
11:30 Closing

➑️ Adguard Webpage
➑️ Pi-Hole


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