If you were on the fence on starting a Zigbee supported Smart Home – this video will change that for you all by using a Conbee 2 Zigbee Coordinator and Homebridge.

So if you are like me and using the official Homebridge Image that runs on a raspberry pi – There is One More Extra feature hidden in the OS and that is Enabling the Zigbee Network Protocol all by using a Conbee 2 or a Raspbee Zigbee Coordinator. Now This device just costs around 30 Dollars, and the device has been in the market for more than 2 years, Well what I really LOVE about this Integration is that  Unlike other Zigbee2MQTT tutorials that I have done Is that for some it is overwhelming to setup due to the fact there is so many lines of code to copy / paste. 

With the official homebridge image – This integration is drop dead simple and even the newly released deconz plugin is super duper easy to configure. 

So if you were on the fence on starting a Zigbee supported Smart Home – this video will change that for you 

and I’ll also show you where you can check which Zigbee devices you can add to your smart home all by using this Zigbee cordinator. 

So, For all of this to work. This is what we will need – 

  1. Conbee 2 Stick
  2. USB cable extension 
  3. And to enable the integration with Homekit – we will be using Homebridge running on a raspberry Pi plus I also have left links in the description to install homebridge on multiple hardware. 
  4. For the demo – will be using this son off basic 

So Without any further delay – let’s jump into this tutorial. 

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Opening
01:29 What You Will Need ?
02:03 Conbee Device Support
02:58 Integrate Conbee Cordinator
04:25 Configure Phoscon UI
05:13 Homebridge DECONZ Plugin
07:25 Add Zigbee Device to HomeKit
09:04 Closing

➡️ Device Location – ls -l /dev/ttyACM0
➡️ Official Device Compatibility List – https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Supported-Devices
➡️ Unofficial Device Compatibility List – https://zigbee.blakadder.com/deconz.html
➡️ Plugin Information https://github.com/ebaauw/homebridge-deconz


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🖥️ Homebridge Installation Links 🖥️
✔️ Install Homebridge in a Synology NAS DSM 6 – https://youtu.be/CTe-gSrzLFE
✔️ Install Homebridge in a Synology NAS DSM 7 – https://youtu.be/ai51lXT2zIA
✔️ Install Homebridge in macOS – https://youtu.be/Nqh2vSeTzC0
✔️ Install Homebridge in Windows 10 – https://youtu.be/5mxhAgryuVo
✔️ Install Homebridge in a Pi 4 – https://youtu.be/D0YfkdGAIhY

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